What does a regular class look like?

Classes are 1½ hours long and consist of activities such as stretching, warm-ups, conditioning, karate technique, teaching, self-defense training, and skill-building games.

How much does it cost to attend?

While fees for martial arts programs can be quite costly, it is our goal to provide a program that all can afford to attend. Guardian Family Martial Arts is a ministry of Sovereign Grace Church, and in addition to the support the church gives, our instructors volunteer their time, and all funds are invested back into the program, allowing us to keep costs low. Our fee is $40 for a 10-week session per student (family discounts, working scholarships, and an Early Bird rate of 50% off are available if needed). We are committed to making sure that no one is excluded from attending because of financial limitations. (Please contact us for more information.)


Yes, you certainly may come in and observe a class! Just contact us through this website to sign up for a visit. Also, you may actually participate in a class for free at designated times. Contact us to receive information on registering for a free class if you'd like to try it out before enrolling. However, take note that our enrollment for each session is only open until the 3rd class; after that, we do not take new students until the next session.

What ages can attend?

The program is open to children (ages 8 and up) through adult.

Do whole families attend together?

Families are welcome to attend together (several do), but adults or children are also welcome to attend on their own.

How do I register?

Begin by submitting your information here on our website.

All participants will need to fill out a registration form and waiver prior to attending the first class. While blank forms are available (by email or in hard copy) upon request, for minors participating in the program, parents/legal guardians will need to attend a brief, 15-minute orientation the first week, and paperwork may be filled out at that time if desired.

What do I need to wear to class?

When coming initially, feel free to wear comfortable, modest workout clothes that will allow freedom of movement and stretching. Come and see if the program is for you before worrying about purchasing a uniform.

How do I get a uniform and how much do they cost?

Karate uniforms can be purchased from several sources, including multiple online shopping options. They can also be purchased through our school at a wholesale price, if preferred (approximately $20).

How long do classes run?

Our regular classes are held in sessions that are 10 to 14 weeks long. We have abbreviated summer sessions, as well.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held in the gymnasium of Sugarcreek Elementary School in Bellbrook, OH – the meeting place of Sovereign Grace Church. The address is 51 S. East Street, Bellbrook.

Can I earn belts in this program?

Yes, you can earn belts in the Zen Ryu Karate system, with certification signed by Soke Curl, the founder of the program.

Is this program competitive?

While ours is a non-competitive program in itself, students will be taught skills that could be used in tournaments they might attend on an individual basis.

How long does it take to earn a black belt?

The journey to black belt depends largely upon the effort and dedication of the student. But, as a general rule, it is reasonable to expect that it could take approximately four to six years to earn a black belt.

What if I have already had martial arts training in another school or system?

For those with some martial arts experience, an evaluation is given to determine rank placement upon entering our program. Documentation of rank from another school may be requested.

What if I have physical limitations?

Guardian Family Martial Arts is not a one-size-fits-all program, and we strive to be inclusive, allowing students with varied physical abilities and limitations to participate. Exercise and physical activity will be adjusted to accommodate specific conditions, limitations, or injuries, as much as possible.

How can I learn more about Sovereign Grace Church?

To learn more about Sovereign Grace Church, we welcome you to visit the website. If you do not have a church home, we would love to have you come visit with us any Sunday morning! (10:30 a.m., 51 S. East St., Bellbrook, OH)